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Roots follows a unique learning framework that comprises of a mix of the CBSE and British Curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage). Having combined the advantages of both the syllabuses, the framework enables the child not only to follow a systematic approach of writing and reading but also making the child learn the same through a range of activities in a fun-filled and innovative approach.

The main focus areas the curriculum are as follows:-

Communication &


Personal, social &
emotional development



the world

Expressive arts
& design

The curriculums intention is to ensure that every child is considered a competent learner who, with appropriate nurturing support, can become resilient, capable and self-assured. The school aims at achieving a high-standard within a caring and supportive environment where all children are encouraged to do their best.

Learning Environment:

"Without freedom, there is no creativity."

We encourage the teachers and students to look beyond today, so as to promote a culture that supports independent thinkers who appreciate the value of education- to lead out.

The professionals teaching and supporting your child will make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs.Our learning environment reflects our belief that children are inherently curious, seek relationships with others, and construct their knowledge and understanding of the world through their active engagement and experiences with their environment and the people, materials, and experiences within it. Children are frequently engaged in small group interactions where each voice can be heard and various ideas explored and results negotiated.

Each child builds skills not only in traditional cognitive, gross motor and social categories, but also in the areas of problem solving, original ideas and strength of conviction. A primary task of the teacher in-charge is to provide an environment that is filled with unlimited possibilities. The environment is intended to be responsive to the interests and needs of children while simultaneously encouraging children to develop in ways that are projected by educators.